This class will be an introduction to fundamental acrobatics such as handstands, cartwheels, and walkovers. Flexibility and core training will be an additional part of this class. 

INTERMEDIATE ACRO: Based on ability.  Trail class approval required.
This class encompasses the floor element of gymnastics and helps the dancer build the strength needed to perform such elements in dance choreography.   Also a great class to work on flexibility and strength training for advancement in dance classes. 

Dancers must be able to do the following:  Bridge (must keep head off floor and hold position), forward roll, standing back bend, cartwheel (must be straight) and round off



Dress codes are enforced at The Rock School West for students according to their level. These dress codes are established for the dancer's safety and aid in the instructor's ability to correct and educate students.

Please wear comfortable clothing that will not hinder movement.


The Rock School offers teaching that is individual and hands-on. It is normal and appropriate for a member of the faculty to manually and physically position a pupil to expound a point of instruction or to identify some needed technique correction. The School neither condones nor tolerates any touching of students by instructors that is harmful, professionally reckless, or that violates generally accepted tenets of propriety. Before enrolling a student, please consider that it is school policy to correct children with physical contact. If the student or parent/guardian is uncomfortable with this policy, you may wish to reconsider enrolling the student.